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Aug 15, 2006
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Really, it's not bad form. We're all much more broader than one forum can be for us. What other photo forums do you visit and why? What of your needs do they meet. Post some links. Let's visit.
I think there is a need for a quality, streetphotography forum on
the net. Someone I know had a poll on their blog recently and the
response was about 85% in favor for a dedicated SP forum with about
120 pollers. So far the idea is in the 'pending' tray I guess.

It could be done via a group blog. A place where group assignments
are tackled in-depth and juxtaposed collectively. I wouldnt be where I am in business if it wasnt for that board.
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I'd kinda feel like I was cheating on TPF if I went to another photo forum. :lol:

ps....nice website, Sarah23
This is the only one for me. I signed up on another but have never made a post yet. I barely have time to visit here at all.. and I don't come close to spending as much time here as I would like.
Just APUG. Every aspect of analogue photography, discussed in more depth and by many more people than you find with The Photo Forum's own film sections (useful though they are).

Tends to be an older crowd, 34,000 members, many of them extremely knowledgeable but joining is worth it just for the member called Photo Engineer - guess what his job was at Kodak... Someone from Ilford also posts on there regularly.

For me it is DigitalGrin, PhotoCamel, Nikon Cafe, DpreviewForums and, The Nikonians. Used to go to Popular Photographys site but it is deader that the morgue there. I also have other forums I hit that have photo sections. Lately though I have been addicted to the Sodahead which does have a couple of photo groups but, Im there for the pure fun.

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