So, what's the least amount of time before

I was flown in, to do an event and picked up by a driver the next morning at my hotel. Fifteen minutes before the event, my driver tells me that he is lost!!!!

hehe Good luck Mike!

ouch skieur - did you ever make it?
I've only done two weddings, my second had a notice of several months. My first however, I had about 3 days notice. I haven't crammed info like that since I was in college! Talk about doing some reading! Fortunately, the wedding was outdoors and the light was nice, so I got some really good shots.
not as the first shooter, but I got a frantic call from a buddy asking if I could second shoot in an hour. His assistant bailed at the last minute.

mine dont compair.
my closest-to-wedding date booked was 3mo prior to.
no crazy stories here.

good luck!
LOL I lucked out. This one turned out to be as close to an elopement as you can get and still be in a church. They were both widowed and wanted the barest minimum- guests, time, everything. I had a a hard time getting them to stay long enough for some standard poses.

It was fun seeing a pair of 60~70 year-olds acting like kids. :lol::lol:

A worthwhile endeavor!
Lol, never shot one officially, but did find out 15hrs before my uncle got married.(invite was lost in mail.) I end up helping the photog, sparking my interest in photography.
hehe Good luck Mike!

ouch skieur - did you ever make it?

Much to my surprise, they adjusted the schedule until I arrived and was ready to go.


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