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Discussion in 'Lighting and Hardware' started by CherylL, Jan 14, 2018.

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    Thanks Derrel for the detailed explanation. Can't wait to try the umbrella box.

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    The photek softlighter, an umbrella with a diffuser over the front has been used by Annie Lebovitz for years. When folks are just starting out in lighting they want the cheapest modifier and usually go with an umbrella. Then, they try shooting in a small space and the light sprayed all over by the umbrella is frustrating and limits their results. They have difficulty getting high contrast, dark shadows, they find the background contaminated with spill. I would recommend a 36 inch soft box that works in bounce mode with the flash inside the box. The recessed front diffusion panel allows you to control spill. For my strobes I have a 3x4 on a folding speed ring that allows it to pop open and lock. Great size for headshots, 3/4 body. All my rectangular softboxes, beauty dish and octas are equipped with an egg crate except the 7' octa. I am currently shooting in a narrow space so keep a 6.5 x 6.5' black scrim on a rolling stand opposite the main to help control contamination of the bg. If necessary, I clothespin a piece of black cinefoil to one side of the soft box to control spill on the bg even more. If I were buying one piece of modifier, I would buy alien bee's 5' octa that opens like an umbrella, is small enough to use outdoors in minimal wind and would add the egg crate for control inside. Get one Alien bee light. Then add a piece of foam core as fill. I use another strobe/soft box as fill but also find myself using a cheap piece of white foam core alot lately. With those two you have ability to make a 3 light shot outdoors using BOB, the big orange ball as back, rim light main opposite and reflector fill
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