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May 4, 2006
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Silver Spring, MD
Just got back from the zoo and I thought I would share one finished pic with you guys. I dig this pic especially considering that this was the last elephant left at the National Zoo.

Any thoughts or comments?

There's only one elephant left?!?! It's been a really long time since i've been there.

For a picture entitled "solitary," I would've used a wider frame and a very off-center composition. Just my $.02
So I got one vote for ggod crop and one for re-crop.... You guys aren't making it easy :D

BTW..there is minimal crop of this picture. I tried a few off-center crops, but the balance seemed off when I had to remove portions of the subject.

Thanks for the feedback.

As for the one elephant... I only saw one (inside and out) and over heard a few people mention that the "rented elephants" were returned. Over all the zoo is pretty empty...I don't remember the last time I saw actual monkeys on Monkey Island.
i think the crop is good so now you have two goods.

This is a good place to surrender... I saw this months award winning photo... It goes against everything I have ever been taught about composition. Since it seems to the craze now, I'm going to surrender gracefully. I will never ever criticise a crop again.....

LOL talk about feeling old. The old style compositions lasted about six hundred years and now they are a changin' Not sure what that makes me, possibly hopelessly out of touch...

Anyway I like the elephant just as it is.
I like it as is. I now live in Erie PA, but I grew up in Laurel MD, and I we used to go to the zoo alot with school and with my family back in the 1970s and 1980s. I took my kids there 2 years ago which was the first time I had been there for 15 years or so. I was saddened by what I saw. I was dirty, run down, and overall in bad shape.

I wish they would start charging a modest fee for people to get in, and use the money to fix up the place and get more animals.
machine said:
hey, nice pic , saw it on STF,

good to see im not the only R1 guy on here :)

Yeah...STF is a bit clicky for me to contribute more...but I do go there every so often.

Thanks for the compliments/feedback guys. I really appreciate it.

I love the animals, but the zoo is an odd idea to me. I know all the emploees love the animals more than people at times, but it is very hard to get past looking at the bars.

I just wish that my zoo would upgrade a bit and give some of these animals more space.
mysteryscribe said:
Bars are a shame no doubt. Our state zoo is one of those moat and wall things and really is a nice habitat.. As for the loves the animals more than the people sometimes, don't we all and with good reason.

I absolutly LOVE animals...but if one has to die to save a human...so be it. OK...some people aren't worth it but you know what I mean. :D

Some people can make that line...
Shamelessly bumping for the working crew :D

Small adjustment too... I shopped out the little black cubby hole in the wall on the left. It was irking me for some reason...


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