SOLVED - Using an old flash with a new camera


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Oct 1, 2015
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Beer Sheva, Israel
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I have a Nikon D5100 camera.
Many years ago I bought a Minolta 7000 camera with the Minolta Maxxum 2800 AF TTL flash attachment.
I would certainly love to use this flash on my Nikon, but although I am not the brightst bulb in the socket, I know better than to just attach this thing and fire it.
Is there anyone out there in photography land that knows the answer, or perhaps knows where to look for an answer?
The flash uses four AA batteries for power and it is working very well in the test mode.
Thanks for reading -

There's a website that lists the trigger voltage for lots of different flashguns.

I personally have used that flash on my D5000, although I can't recommend it for others.
The trigger voltage for the Minolta 2800AF appears to be about 1.8 (1.8, 1.74, 1.65 on different web sites) volts so it *SHOULD* be safe. I seriously doubt that the TTL logic will work in any way, form or fashion so it is probably going to be a manual-only flash unit.
Many thanks for the replies.

@Designer - Since it worked on your model camera, why would you not recommend it? I found the site you mentioned and it appears the unit will work with my camera.

@ SCraig - Yes, I understand what you are saying but even if I use it manually, as a backup flash, It still beats throwing it in the trash. I flat well hate to throw things away.:)
I would prefer to not appear as though I have recommended it. Go ahead. You have only "Hi" and "Lo", but it does work. If you have any neutral-gray filter sheets, you could use that to cut the power of the light. Or just make appropriate adjustments on your camera.
All right friends, again I thank you for the quick responses. I learned some stuff today. That makes it worth getting up. This thread is solved.

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