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Some DS IR


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Mar 4, 2005
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Hoorn, The Netherlands
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I was playing with my IR filter again. Finally i had my whitebalance (almost) right and i was working with new postprocessing techniques. Mohain was a big help (with both those things) So a big thank you for Mohain :)
It still isnt nowhere near perfect, but i will get it sometime. Just have to experiment alot. Oh and the skies arent dark, because it became cloudy when i started shooting. kinda sucked.....big time.
Here they are:



This last one is kinda crappy, but i just liked the sign. Here that sign means that you are entering a dead end street and with the graveyard in the background i thought it was very fitting.

Thanks for looking,
greetz Daan
Good to see you posting more in here doenoe..... these are great, i would clone out the twig in the fg of the second, but apart from that i think they're very successful, especially the third thats a cracking shot :thumbup:
These are sooo cool. Love em. IR works really well in the cemetery.
These are great! I'm really likin' the 2nd and 3rd one! :thumbup:
thank you all very much :)
The sun is shinning today, so im gonna go and try again. Prepare yourself for more newbie IR muahahahaha
Nice shots... IR's and lensbabies always look great in cemetaries. Nice job!
i would love to have a lensbaby, but i allready but too much camera stuff this month. Just has to wait, but maybe someday.
And thanks for the comment :)

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