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Aug 8, 2013
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Colorado, USA
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From a recent trip to Las Vegas. The blown glass art is on the ceiling at the Bellagio hotel.

$00IMG_3051 1100p.JPG . $00IMG_3069 1100p.JPG
Welcome to the site.

#1 seems a little dark, can you up the exposure without blowing out the highlights too much?

#2 isn't too bad, I personally think you don't need as much of the water in the foreground. I say this because there isn't a clean reflection of the tower. You could also crop out the Bally's sign without cutting off any of the other buildings attached to the tower.
#1, sure, no problem. Here's a brighter exposure of that image. Better?

$00IMG_3051 1000p.jpg

#2, I'll try that crop and see how it looks.

And thanks!
I do prefer it. Sometimes I get too close to a photo and any change I make seems to be "wrong" until I get some distance, and often I need a second set of eyes to see what I am too close to see.

Here is a cropped version of the second image- I think I prefer it, too. I was reluctant to eliminate the splash of color that the neon sign gave the image, but I don't know why, because it's really more distracting than helpful.
$00IMG_3069 v2 1100p.jpg
Photos are okay but they dont look much like HDR.
Second crop on the tower is sweet. Nice work

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Thanks for all of the input! It is all very much appreciated.

Photos are okay but they dont look much like HDR.

My guess is that this is probably because I try to compose an image that doesn't result in an image that looks highly saturated or otherwise manipulated. I love the greater depth of visible detail that HDR offers in highlights and shadows, but I try to balance this against making it look heavily processed. I guess my approach is a bit more subtle than most. For the sake of comparison, here are the images at a single exposure without any bracketing- you can see that there is a lot less visible range in them:

$zIMG_3051 600p.JPG$zUntitled 600p.JPG
No issues here with a subtle approach to HDR, like the second shot with the new crop

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