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Jul 17, 2003
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Train shed pics.....


i like the first one best .... i love dark spaces :)
right before I shot the first one my friend was hiding in the dark...when I walked by he jumped out to scare us....I turned and my tripod chipped his tooth!! ha!

wow, he's lucky ... things could have gotten dangerous... natural reflex :lol:

my brother used to do stuff like that when we were kids :?
Great shots!

I like the 2nd one best, but the 1st isn't far behind! :)
i like them both...
but the second pic catches more of my attention.
don't kill yourself wandering around in tunnels. that happened to my friend randall. These are very nice. Are you trying to communicate anything with the first one?
I like the first one better. It invokes that "light at the end of the tunnel" thing for me. Like, should I keep going, or should I be running the other way? :lol:

I like the first one..B&W pics always hold a certain something that color pics don’t seem to capture.
I like the 2nd better - cool light/shadow comination, great color composition (the rocks in front look almost b&w), nice depth of field, good details... I think it shows the tunnel and the 'mood' unreal...

The b&w one doesn't do it for me (i think the light at the end is very bright - the pic has no detail in the dark tunnel)
I like the progression of no detail in black to no detail in white of the first pic. I like that shot.

I like the angle of the 2nd pic. I also like the colors and DOf.

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