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Some of my recent shots...


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Mar 14, 2004
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Cool shots. Im digging the third shot too. When I glanced at the second shot real quick, I thought it was Nicolas Cage
I think that they are photos with a very attractive treatment. I like the result. you can say since you have obtained that effect? it is plug-in, or to contrast the image but of the normal thing? Good work.
Thanks guys!! :)

Ozzono, the only plug-in that I used was Kevin Kubota's 'Sharpen KPD Magic Sharp', (which came along with his Artistic and Production Pak) to sharpen the Jpeg's.
Other than that, it's regular PS-CS work (vignetting, desaturation, shadows/highlights, and brightness/contrast).
Interesting "look" to the color shots. They have the fell and grit of B&W street shots - which is appealing. The consistant style of managed DOF and off-center portrait composition to show detail make them enjoyable, especially side-by-side.

You arrived there only about 2 weeks late... or I could have been in one of your photos here. I would have been thrilled to the max! :D
For it must be an honour to be captured by no one else but danalec! I do think so! Honestly.
Quit being silly Lafoto! ;)
Anyways, it was good to hear your voice. You were all nervous; wondering where the rest of the gang were, on Saturday morning! :D
Hope you got hold of Jeff.

24/1.4 for the first two
and 50/1.4 for the b&w shot.

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