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May 12, 2006
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This was a favour for a friend. im not overly happy with the results because i know i can do better but wedding have never been my specialtiy. Plus im almost 19 and 5ft5 so i look like some little girl running round with a camera lol. Alot of people didnt realise i was taking pro' photos.
The sun was also so bright as well and i got way to much contrast

Just some of them so Enjoy!






7 One edit one:

And of course... the kids! lol.. never give children access to a chocolate fountain!


well i do agree that they could be better, but i have seen worse...

try tighter crops on some of them or try getting a little plainer of backgrounds to focus more on the subjects next time. also if you have flashes, use them.
That's a tough situation...nice to see you did finally get them out of that blaring sunlight.

If you do have to get photos in mid day sun like that...use flash to light up their faces (eye sockets especially).

I really like the one of the little girl with her hands behind her back.
I think weddings are tough to do.

I do agree with everyone else on the flash. They can be your best friend in mid-day light.

You have to develop your own style but I have found that there are some good books on weddings to give you some ideas to start with.

As far as the age and height, you can find an assistant that is 6'4" tall and weights 240 pounds to help :wink: People would move out of his way and the age would not matter.

I like 8 & 9.
When shooting film you sometimes get this after it's over. Just had no idea what the light was doing or you were tired. Anyway there is a way to make them look a little better.

Take them to the photo printer and ask him to lighten them a little over all. Most of them could have used a stop or so without damaging the print quality.

My own rule for wedding photography was I shoot for faces not dresses. Most of the time that will make a difference in the way the lab prints. Theyi want to give you a balanced print, but that isn't what you need.

Most of these could have been lightened over all to 'help' The other things is you can scan the negs into an editor and help the out some. Scanned and adjusted negative will still match up pretty well with the originals. However you cant restore what isn't there. What is blacked out is gone.
or else since it is the year 2006, we do have this little thing called...oh what is it...photoshop?
hmm, i guess i could get mad and argue with a 60 year old man, but i won't because i know you'll be gone soon...roflmao x5.
mysteryscribe said:
arguing isnt a good idea .why don't we just not step on each othes toes....there is no reason to make this personal... It's supposed to be all about the craft not personalities...

I agree completely. This member has been removed from the forum for a while so that he can hopefully come to that same conclusion.

Sorry to step on your thread, fotophia!

I love #8, great angle and very sweet. As has alredy been mentioned fill flash and maybe a diffuser might have helped with the harsh light.

I had to laugh at your comment about your height :D I am only 5'1" but with a Quantum flash attached to the camera people listen to me :mrgreen:
I love the toning on the third one. You did a nice job for your first time out!
Just be sure to high speed sync that flash outdoors, but shade and cloudy days are a photogs best friend. :)
ill deffinatly use a flash next time.

i did photoshop them a little to lighten the shadows but it was so contrasted.
Thankyou so much for the comments, they've helped :)
I agree that the shadows in the first ones are distracting, but the ones of their children are VERY well done! :)Great view.

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