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Mar 7, 2007
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I would love any feedback on my images.......I can take harsh comments but please tell me why and what you would do to fix it. Simply saying I hate it isn't going to help anyone. I would really like lighting comments and any photoshop tips, especially on color!

I hope they show up good.....wanted them to load fast but hope I didn't affect the quality. Not sure if what I am trying to going to show the pictures or not, if it doesn't can someone tell me what they use to get the link to attach??

My comments may seem like a lot - and harsh - but IMO you need to get your work under control.

Your shots don't look critically sharp but that may be due to your reduction and sharpening process. I do think that you are doing something very wrong and that is not cropping to a standard size. That will mean that ever one of your pictures will have to have custom matting and framing (an enormous expense) and you'll have trouble with wedding books.

Your conversions are muddy and need some work. The black coats all merge into one tone. AND stop using on-camera flash. It washes out shadows and texture

To hot-link from ImageShack use the code for DIRECTLink to image and click on the little picture icon above the message window for the html codes.

i will be less harsh than traveller...though everything he said is true....

i think your images are sharp, its just a compression/uplaod that is a good start...they are in focus and sharp.... on camera flash is boring, amateur and harsh and it does take a lot of practice to master off camera/bounce flash....but there are alot of good sites ....try i think that's the one i am thinking of and

however, your exposure is mostly good with your straight on flash, so that is a plus! if it were all over exposed or underexposed you'd have a lot more to learn!

your composition is fairly good and you have a good shot with the girls in the green dresses...but i would lose the soft focus effect on that one

overall these are not bad images by any means and a little tweaking and working on your PP skills will make them must better
Thank you!

For a while now, the top of my list for things to do is learn to shoot without flash outside. I have tried it a few times practicing but that is my after Holidays have to do! I shoot Canon, I have the 2.8 70-200 lens and love it....but I need a faster lens that works better than my 30D kit lens. It works fine for studio shots but not crazy about the outdoor. And not to complain but I can't carry the heavy lens around all day long. Working on it though ;)

About the cropping....I knew I shouldn't hav done that. When I was cropping them to a lower resolution I didn't set the cropping sizes, just cropped how I wanted it to be. I don't show them to the customer like this, but my wedding albums are digital and I crop them however I want to crop them. So that is why I did that. I know custom framing is outrageous, so even though I am stupid about a lot that is one thing I am not! :) But thanks for noticing.

Thanks again!

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