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May 4, 2007
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This makes me very furious.. For so long on flickr i have wanted people to post pictures of awards saying good job.. This person got many posted on his photo.. oh wait, its not his.. read this letter i had to send out to all the people who posted on "his" photo.


You posted a comment on a person's photo that was stolen.. This photo is mine. please take off your comment on this photo posted at the link below

this is my photo.. the original is here..

To prove this is my photo you can tell by a few ways

1. The camera taken.. its settings in more property
2. The size.. mine is bigger, how can i photoshop all of that to be added on? answer: i cant
3. Look at the post times.. when i took it.. they are the same on both, mine was posted first..

Please post your same comment on my photo if possible..

Thank you,
Jesse (Unreal Reality2)


From: DrgnMastr
"Re: Stolen photo


Thank you for alerting me to this matter. I will not repost my comment on your photo until such time as clear proof to my satisfaction has been made on the ownership of the photo.

You do present compelling evidence though, and as a result the following was sent to hikerboy45:

Your photo

has been removed by me from Excellence in Avian Photography (EIAP), and my comment has been removed from the photo.

I am sorry to have to do this, but I have received an email accusing this photo as being stolen. Until the matter is cleared up sufficiently to my satisfaction, I cannot have EIAP, nor myself, involved in such matters.

Once it is clear who the owner of this photograph truly is, I will be glad to reinvite and readmit the original photograph.

Thank you for your understanding.


From: Barb46

"I don't understand why he would do that- he has some very nice shots in his photostream- he has only been a contact of mine for a short time- I will watch more closely and if I see any further problems I will remove him.
I just deleted my comment from his posting for now
Your post is much better- his was cropped and not as clear.
Best regards,
lol "take your comment from him, and move it to my flickr"

How bout you message HIM and tell him "take it off, it's not yours!"
should be able to contact flickr about it.. sadly there are creeps out there like that. i wouldnt be shocked if most of his shots were stolen.
To: Hikerboy45
Subject: Explain!!
"Your photo"


Take it down right now.
I have always wanted to have posts of trophies on my photos.. this dude posted it on Dec 4th.. yesterday morning!!! and he gets so many posts.. its part of so many pools.. WTH..

This gets me VERY angry.. i mean wouldnt it to you?
Yeah this is a huge problem for most photographers. I know I would hate it if it happened to me. You just have to be vigilant and pray that either the person will take it down when confronted or the website hosting it will do something.
He writes to me..



I wish you would have waited to hear my explanation before accusing me of stealing the photo, and messaging people telling them I stole it. For starters, I have enough photos that I don't need to steal yours. Furthermore, the photo wasn't that great, and if I ever felt the need to steal a photo, it certainly wouldn't have been that one!!!

So now, you are going to contact all those people and explain to them what really happened, since you took it upon yourself to contact them before knowing the truth, which has been explained in my earlier message. Not the 1st one, the second one which explains that I downloaded it to see if it was actually a Hawk and not a Falcon.

I wrote..


Re: Messages

Hahaha, dont try to blaim this on me.. Bottom point you..

a) Downloaded my photo WITHOUT MY PERMISSION
b) Regardless to your excuses, you uploaded MY photo

If you do not apologize for trying to accuse ME of something, i will not take the nice action and say its okay, dont let it happen again, but i will report this to flickr.

For you to insult me, and try to tell me what to do, this makes me EXTREMELY upset. Apologize, or I contact flickr.. I have more then enough evidence to have you dissaplined.

The photo you were looking for has been deleted.
You might like to ask Hikerboy45 about it!
Here's a link back to your home page."

hanks for the laugh. ;)
Aren't the comments made on photos on Flickr mostly ( at least 80%) a joke anyways?
I get the impression that a lot of people are just looking for a comment but are not really expecting a "serious" comment as such. I have seen comments such as "great photo" on lousy pictures and no comments on the good ones.
It looks more like a game to me. Some people put their photos on over 40 different pools.
This gets me VERY angry.. i mean wouldnt it to you?

That depends. If I was loosing money over it, yeah, it would bug me, but my lawyers would love that situation and I would deifnately go at it until I got satisfaction.

This is flickr... meh, if someone is so desperate for attention that they need to steal stuff and pass it off as theirs... well thats a child's mentality to get pleasure for useless "awards" that have no value in real life. Definately go ahead and fight for what's right... but certainly don't lose any sleep over this. Also, he doesn't even have to apologize to you, all he has to do is remove your photo, and thats it. You cannot bleed a stone.

I have a saying... "In 20 years, how important will this event be? If it will not be important then... its not important enough to lose any sleep over now."

I just looked at his profile:
"I live in the eastern part of Canada, in the province of Quebec..., but also in Montreal, specially in the West Island, which is where I'm located. The beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife
Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Canada "

He lives about 20 minutes away from me... want me to go over to his house and call him out? :lmao: :lol:

Finally... did you know that you can add your name into the EXIF info as additional copyright info? Just a thought.
Is he serious? lol. I downloaded it to see if it was really a falcon?

Then why did he upload it back to flickr after cropping it? lmfao!
His response gave me a good laugh. People can be so lame... I'd be pissed too. BUT, I'd also take it as a HUGE compliment!
I loved his reason. "Is it a falcon or not.....Hrm I better download it then add it to my album...."


Glad you got him to take it down. People like that piss me off. Good for you.
Oh nice JerryPH declared a free for all for ownership of his photos. :D

No this would tick me off no end, even if it's a photo I wasn't paid to take and just did for fun. In reality I'm the bitter bastard who would just spite this poor confused soul who needed to steal to begin with.
Tough deal for sure. On one hand I guess you righted a wrong? On the other hand I think you are turning a fun photo sharing site into a childish game. I am not positive that he stole it and I am not sure of the value you put on the photo.

Love & Bass

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