Someone's white linen in public...


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Feb 1, 2004
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Is this a bad picture?
Is it totally boring?
Should I have left the large undies inside the frame? (Had preferred to crop them out).
Perhaps you can zoom in on that shadow part and give it a tighter crop? Maybe it helps..
Maybe it is the lighting conditions at the time. It appears somewhat flat due to the overly dark background. I like the composition, but the exposure seems off. Just my 2 cents

This is a version where I lit up the dark areas more ... it is any better?
The photo was deliberately underexposed because the sun on the white washing seemed interesting, leaving the shadows and background quite dark ... or do you think a treatment that makes the white really glow would do it? That would, however, take away the details of the little creases ...
Or should I better NOT have taken this photo at all?
Any ideas WHAT might be missing?
Someone behind the sheets who's hanging up more?
Yes, that could be nice. But that wasn't to be had...
Right, so here I sit, pondering over this photo of mine, which lead me to playing with it, and this is what came out of it after I applied the Glowing Edges Filter to it in PS, then inverted it, and then shifted the curves quite a bit:


That's it about this photo then. If I start playing with it like this ... :scratch:
Not sure what to say, I do not like the round shadow on the sheet in the center of the frame, it’s what my eyes are draw too, also think the lighting is better in #2, and I am OK with ether cropping
I really like the result of your playing with the photo. :)
Just add few red balloons, slowly rising to the skies on the left hand.
And, may be, a small girl with the plaits, raising the arms to the balloons... :)
Personally, I think this photo has so much potential, it was one of those rare photos I look at and I suddenly have this idea. The first version, (IMO) is the best, I like not being able to really see the detail in the background, it leaves it somewhat of a mystery of where this is set and leaves out extra 'clutter'. The lighting, wonderful. The only 'item' I believe is missing, is a silhouette of a person, perhaps with a laundry basket, just to give some 'identity' to the clothes and items on the line.

Wonderful capture otherwise.

(edit: okay, how silly do I sound? I just read through the rest of the posts.. and spotted this
Someone behind the sheets who's hanging up more?
I don't feel quite so original anymore :lol:)

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