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Happy reading ;).

(Must be going to see my sister in hospital now --- and my mother-in-law died last night, too, so I was busy with a good many other things besides TPF ... so sorry.).
There's ne need to apologise, our thoughts are with you.

Absolutely no need to apologize at all. Sorry that so much is going on at the moment. Just know we're here for you if you need anything. :hug::

I can't see the bottom part enough to know why your choir concerts are called unusual, but I'm sure you'll enlighten us... :D
So sorry to hear of the stressful times you're enduring at present. I hope it's some comfort to know that your TPF friends are thinking of you.
We've missed you and my thoughts are with you and your family :hug::
So sorry to hear of your mother-in-law's passing, Corinna. I hope your sister gets well soon. Take care of yourself during this emotional time!

I'll wait for you to translate this article for us, but your choir looks wonderful. :)
Thanks all. Regards from my sister who has been back home since yesterday and will leave for a three-week after-treatment next Tuesday.

I suddenly remembered that Hobbes was asking for a translation of this article (or assuming I would write one, anyway). So I translated it. It is not the best article there is (this woman never writes any REALLY good ones), and there is another one out in the other paper, much more detailed and longer, but that would also be MUCH MORE work to translate! So be happy with this one, will you?

Members of the project choir „Misericordas Domini“ with Wolfgang Rose (fourth from the left) and Dr. Heiner Wajemann (second from the left)

An unusual choir concert

First performance of all in all 14 multiple-voiced pieces by Wolfgang Rose in St Lucas Church

SCHEESSEL(hr) . St Lucas Church in Scheessel offered an extraordinary surprise. The project choir “Misericordias Domini” was formed only to first perform an unusual composition by Wolfgang Rose.

Rose’s long-standing friend Dr. Heiner Wajemann from Wintermoor prepared the audience with great understanding for these new and strange excursions. They were 14 between soft and vibrant-strong a-capella pieces based on texts that were quite critical with the church and sometimes even frivolous and obscene, written by Ernst Schwarz (1916-2003).

Schwarz spent many years in China and was known for his translations of Chinese literature and poetry. In 1961 he returned to East-Germany (GDR). He taught at Humboldt-University and wrote texts and poetry of his own.

Often he went to visit the cathedrals of Magdeburg and Stendal. He was fascinated by the wood carvings in the “misericordiae” (which are the small wooden benches in the High Choir for the monks to rest a little during their singing). The motifs of these wood carvings date back to the 14th and 15th century. At the time, people still vividly remembered the first pestilence epidemy that had only just swept through Europe. So there are angels to be seen along with devils, monsters and demons. Those inspired him to muse over them. He then issued his book “That Earns Me My Paradise” [translator’s comment: certainly not in English and not under this title! I only translated the German title, too] with the help of Ute Mahler.

When Wolfgang Rose’s friend from Stendal, Hanspeter Schmidt, gave him this book as a present, Rose was instantly fascinated by the poems, chose 14 and put some music to them. With his choir compositions, which had rested untouched and unsung in a desk drawer for 20 years, Rose touched the nerve of the medieval atmosphere as it was brought to our times through the poems. So he created a very interesting contrast.

Wolfgang Rose, choirmaster of the St Lucas Choir “Kreuzschnäbel”, and teacher at Beekeschool, already composed a couple of other choir pieces for his choir.
This choir thanked the audience and their applause with an encore. These unusual compositions make us look forward to more.
Thanks LaFoto. I could get most of the stuff up top but the text was blurry enough for me to start mistaking letters so it wasn't making a lot of sense. :lol: It's still awesome that they did a story on your choir. :D

We're still thinking of you and your family. :hug::

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