Sometimes I draw thing [part 2]

The Mad Jester

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Mar 23, 2006
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Upon request, I've decided to share some more of my work. These are fresh - officially scanned yesterday.


Something that had been started for something else and turned out completely different. She was fun to design and even moreso to ink.


Commission of Gorbash. To be colored.


When my fiance and I were in California not too long ago, we visited his uncle in a neighborhood that was beautifully enhanced by rows upon rows of chinese elms. Sitting in their backyard and looking up at their winding, curling branches inspired this guy - but the twists and turns of the branches became daunting, and I've since abandoned the project. Don't know when I'll attempt to right it again.


Tattoo design for someone who generously donated to me when I really needed the money. =)
love the images again so how long does it take you to do a picture ish???
Thanks again guys. =]

hot shot said:
how long does it take you to do a picture ish???

It really depends: mostly on creative energy. There are some pictures that I really get into and can't stop until its done.. others, I take my time. And then the whole 'detail' factors runs into play. Couple hours at the most for really meticulous, focused detailing.
neat stuff, could i just ask what you do with your drawings?

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