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    I saw something similar to this somewhere else I thought we might give it a go here ;)

    Read the song/Album list the person before you has posted. See if you have any emotional connection to any of the songs that is listed. It can be any sort of emotional connection - silly, happy, tumultuous, philosophical, morbid, sexual, romance, death, anger etc.

    if you find a connection - Write a brief description about the connection. Include it in a list of 5 of your own songs you have a strong emotional connection with. Here's my list to kick it off.

    1. Goo Goo Dolls - Black Balloon
    I listened to the song all the time after my split from my ex. I was in a sad state of affairs and this song described our relationship.

    2. Verve - Lucky Man
    This song keeps reappearing in my life. I remember it most from being picked up in the rain when hitchhiking by a beautiful pommie girl and this song was on the radio.

    3. Bic Runga - Get some sleep
    This was my "driving song" when I first arrived to NZ, they played it on the radio alot as I was driving through the misty hills of northland - it reminds so much of my early days here in New Zealand.

    4. Tal Bachman - Tal Bachman
    A very cute girl in Newcastle, NSW copied a cassetted tape from the album whilst i was backpacking in Australia 5 years ago. It become my road music whilst there.

    5. U2 - Beautiful Day
    Reminds me of my carefree days as an university lecturer in south florida, outdoor barbeques in early spring hanging out with my mates :)

    your mission:
    from the above list, find a song/album you have a some connection to. Write about the connection in and 4 other songs you have any emotional connection with. hint: try to keep at least a couple of songs in the "top 40"

    and no Chase, we can not have "Falco" appearing on the the list :p just kidding!

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    1. verve- lucky man: reminds me of cold weather, riding around in the dark in my boyfriend's mustang back in the day when we were actually happy together and he wasn't lying to me all the time. dated him for 5 years before we finally gave up on it. or, i did anyway. pretty bittersweet.

    2. the cure- just like heaven: i can't hear this song without thinking about the one and only girl i've ever REALLY wanted. and she's so horrible for me. there's so much about her that totally goes against what i find acceptable in people i choose to date. somehow with her it's different... she's like kryptonite. *sigh* i love her.

    3. ben folds five- selfless, cold and composed: reminds me of moving out of the apartment i shared with the ex in #1. partly because... well, it just does... and partly because he actually told me at one point that it described exactly how i was acting. good for me. :p

    4. our lady peace- made of steel: this totally describes the sort of friendship i have with my best friend (who has multiple sclerosis, by the way). it makes me cry... when the time comes that she's not here anymore, i don't know what i'm going to do with myself. :-(

    5. offspring- self esteem: there was a guy in high school that i was totally in love with and he, in turn, was in love with one of my best friends who continually strung him along and f*cked with his head. all while i had to sit there and watch it all happen. i always wondered why he put up with it. i remember telling my sister one night that this song could have been written about him. she told me i was a ***** for saying that. oh well. it's true. ;-) (mildly interesting tidbit: this guy FINALLY figured out i liked him senior year and decided he really liked me too. unfortunately, i was already dating the ex from #1.)
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    1. offspring - self esteem This song has always annoyed me, because the singer just sounds like an idiot who can see the obvious but is unable, apparently, to help himself. Reminds me of listening to some of my girlfriends' sad tales, the ones who just won't dump someone who clearly needs dumping. I get annoyed with whiners in long-term bad relationships. :p

    2. Neil Finn/Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over Not just another beautiful song to me, what elevates it is that it contains this lyric: "My possessions are causing me suspicion but there's no proof", and my jaw drops every time I hear that.

    3. John Lennon - My Life Can't listen to it without tears welling up. Every time. It's one of those simple, perfect songs where the lyrics say everything you've felt or thought about the people in your lives, but could never have expressed it. And yet there it is, and done with such apparent ease. So thanks for that one, John.

    4. Nirvana - Very Ape One of those Nirvana songs that didn't get much airplay, but should have. I like the lyrics and would love to have recited them (or screamed them like Kurt Cobain) at a few of the assholes I've worked for. :p

    5. Pearl Jam - Porch An oldie, but apparently Eddie Vedder still likes it as much as I do, since they bring it out on tour regularly. This song is all raw energy, strong , pent-up emotions being let loose at last, and I always feel like I've had some kind of epiphany after I hear it.

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