Sony A7III - is it Worth switching from Canon 6D DSLR

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Cameras' started by fantapol, Mar 31, 2018.

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    Only two systems? I use MFT & Sony mirrorless (in both FF & APSC) as well as Pentax & Sigma DSLRs for 4 or 5 systems. Each system having it's strong points, but some are quite rarely used. Fortunately I enjoy adapting lenses and probably have over older 50 lenses that could be used on any of these systems.

    In general my kit has been quite cheap - my lenses average something a little over £30 each - I suppose if I had twice the money used to buy photo kit, available now I could possibly settle for 2 or 3 bodies & a dozen or so lenses that enable me to do everything I have can now (some aspects would probably be significantly improved). The new kit would loose out on much of the fun and the de-cluttering whilst badly needed wouldn't be enough to save my life if the family found out how much it cost.

    Sony's lens lineup isn't nearly as extensive as canon's but it does cover all the real requirements & there are adapters that allow EF lenses to be used with AF/aperture control on the Sony bodies.


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