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Jan 19, 2014
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I am hoping there is someone who can help me with a couple of questions. I just got my A7Rii and it is a bit different from my NEX7 and Nikon. The manual has been no help on these issues.

1- can I get the Peaking feature on Autofocus? It only seems to work on DMF.

2- in live view, how do I zoom the monitor other than going thru the menu?

3- same question as #2 about the viewfinder? For a prime lens, can I optically zoom to ensure the right focus?

Any uniqueness/tips you are willing to share. Thanks for any help you can give.
1. It's called manual focus assist. I just sold my last af lens so can't check. Sorry,no help.

2. Set's custom button to magnification.

3. Same as 2.

Just curious. Why do you want fp for af?
Just curious. Why do you want fp for af?
I use peaking on my NEX7 and like it. I don't have the best eyesight and use it for confirmation. I might forgo it if I can figure out the live view magnification like on my Nikon.
I can only answer your question regarding focus zooming by referencing it to my use of it with my A57. With the A57, there is a button which magnifies the viewfinder/liveview image by a factor of 4x so that one may achieve a more perfectly focused image. I'm sure that your more advanced camera should have a similar control.

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