Sony buying Toshiba Sensor Division

Sony recently spun out its sensor division from the main corporate 10 days ago I guess...and now they go and purchase a state of the art sensor maker's IP? Wow!
makes sense to me. they probably have facilities and other goodies to just help the new spin off really take flight.
I think they mean business there at Sony. Sensors are used in many devices these days.
Hogan's article above is interesting, in that he touches upon the idea that Nikon is actually "guiding" some of the Sony sensor development, behind the scenes. Nikon HAS in the past, designed and built its own sensors. He mentions that the Nikon D2x sensor was modified by Sony and put into a Sony-branded camera, and says that the D2x sensor had some traits of early EXMOR design in it. The idea that Nikon and Sony have a behind the scenes business arrangement makes a lot of sense when one knows a bit about the way the Japanese conduct business. I thought Hogan's prediction that Nikon would NOT use Sony's new 42-MP sensor was very interesting.

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