Sony H9 vs. Canon S5

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by 00bolt, Jun 5, 2007.

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    Im looking to upgrade my camera, but not really certain im quite ready to jump into the SLR world (for one Im not 100% certain photography is my thing yet, and dont want to spend thousands of dollars to find out).

    I currently have a Canon S2 and I like it, but I use it alot at work. I own my own business and it works perfect for things I need up there. So I was thinking of getting myself a new personal camera.

    Like I mention, the whole SLR thing is a little too complex I believe for me. Just seems like alot to take it. Not to mention all the different (and expensive) lenses. If I was trying to go pro, then no doubt. But Im just a dad who wants to take nice pics of the kids and occasional other things like birds in the backyard, cool places we go on vacation, occasional red bard in a field, etc..

    So I was briefly looking online at DPReview and noticed 2 cameras that caught my eye. Here are the side by side statistics of the 2 cameras.,sony_dsch9&show=all

    so my question is this (since I still have alot to learn, im taking your word for it.. lol)... which of these cameras is a better option for me? I want something that I wont quickly outgrow, something that I could add filters and possibly even tele/wide angle lenses too one day...

    when I look at all the side by side statistics it looks pretty uneven and almost OBVIOUS the Sony is better. But Iv had a Canon and I trust the quality. Would love to hear additional feedback and suggestions...

    EDIT: after reading the review on the Sony, here are a couple things that popped out to me as flags. Like I said, I have alot to learn and not sure if this is a big deal or not...

    The biggest change over the previous H range is the new lens, which now covers an even more ambitious 15x zoom range. The good news is that Sony hasn't just stretched the long of the zoom; the wide end got wider too, the lens now covers an incredibly versatile 31-465mm equivalent range. The only downside of this focal length largesse is that the maximum aperture at the long end has dropped nearly two thirds of a stop (from F3.7 to F4.5).

    As with previous models Sony supplies a lens adaptor ring and a rather unwieldy bayonet-fit lens hood that adds considerably to the bulk of the camera but is essential for avoiding flare on bright days. If you like to use filters on the front of your lens be warned: the lens adapter has a huge - and decidedly non-standard - 74mm thread.

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    Jun 4, 2007
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    Here are the pros/cons what DPreview says

    • Good resolution, great color, excellent exposure, accurate focus
    • Bright, punchy results that produce pleasing prints without the need for post-processing
    • Very little highlight clipping
    • DR-optimization works, though the effect is pretty subtle
    • Generally very responsive, focus very fast (in most circumstances)
    • Packed with features; comprehensive photographic controls
    • Versatile, genuinely useful 31-465mm equivalent 15x zoom range
    • Powerful flash
    • Image stabilization
    • Program shift and bracketing
    • Fast automatic face detection in auto and portrait modes
    • HDTV output (via optional cable)
    • In-camera effects
    • Lovely large, clear, contrasty tilting screen (though see cons, below)
    • High resolution viewfinder (though see cons, below)
    • Very bright AF illuminator
    • NightShot mode
    • Can zoom during movie mode
    • Improved continuous mode
    • Good macro performance
    • Lens hood, filter adapter and remote control in the box

    • New user interface slow, convoluted and often confusing
    • Rear control wheel huge step backwards from the H5's 'turn and click' dial on the grip
    • Images quite soft and not that clean
    • Excessive noise reduction robs images of fine texture at anything over ISO 100
    • Occasional strong NR ('watercolor effect') artefacts at ISO 80 and ISO 100
    • No JPEG quality options (and default setting too highly compressed)
    • Some focus hunting at long end of the zoom (especially in low light and at short subject distances)
    • Easy to accidentally change settings with your thumb, especially when shooting 'single handed'
    • 74mm filter size restricts you to Sony's own limited range of filters
    • New lens a lot slower (F4.5) at the long end than its predecessor (F3.7)
    • Image stabilization doesn't seem quite as effective as competition (and camera doesn't choose a fast enough shutter speed)
    • Poor artificial light Auto White Balance
    • Small viewfinder - and no eyecup so glare a problem in bright light
    • Screen difficult to see in bright daylight
    • Fairly prevalent chromatic aberration
    • Strong purple fringing, particularly at wide end of zoom
    • HIgher than average distortion
    • Corner softness at wide end of zoom
    • Movies are a little over-compressed
    • No RAW mode
    • Sports mode chooses small aperture over high shutter speed, and is therefore pointless unless used in really, really bright light
    • 'Full' HDTV output only 1080i, not digital output (HDMI)
    • Too many options (predictive focus, face detection, ISO) not available in all modes
    • Battery life not fantastic when using the LCD and continuous mode IS
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    just my take on it is that the image compression is enough to turn me away. i mean, what is the point of having so many great features if in the end the picture quality is bad. and honestly, you would have to have a pretty steady hand to be able to hand-hold at full zoom.

    also, sony is really bad about being proprietary. almost everything they have ever made will only use their own stuff. and sometimes they change often. so it may be 74mm now and then next year it will be something different. it may not(hopefully they won't anyway), but its possible.

    just my opinion...
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    00bolt - Everyone's thinking this, so I'll say it---get a DSLR. :D Seriously, it seems like that will be the logical progression from an S2. I had a A95, and now, I've got an S3 IS. My next step will be a Rebel XT. The new S5 IS is $499. For $100 more, you can get a D40 (Nikon). I don't think you need to be too intimidated by any of this. My parents have used a 35mm Nikon SLR for years, and if my mom can figure out what the different settings are, you can definately do it.

    I plan on taking some classes at a local college (photography and photoshop), because I know nothing about ISO, Aperature, etc.

    But out of those two, I'd go with the Canon, mainly because you're already familiar with the layout of the user interface.

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