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    I just got paid the final installment for an event. They sent me more than what was due. So, I double checked the files and yea it was about 13% more than the agreed upon price. The total was to an even / easy figure. Not thinking, I called them explaining they paid too much on the bill (payment was done in 1/3'rds). They told me it was Tip. I never even thought of a tip. Matter of fact I am one of those who goes around complaining that everyone seems to have a tip jar out now.

    Back in college I would occasionally get tips, but that I think was more due to making change. I used to charge $150-180 for individual sports photography. Many of the time I was paid $160 for a $150 session, and some $200 for a $180 session. I think mostly for not having to make change more than tip.

    Do many of you get tips for your non-corporate work?


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