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    Hiya Guys and Gals,

    I've had my D50 with kit 18-55 & 55-200 lenses for around a year now which I bought as a new hobby that wasn't quite as expensive as my other one at the time (rallying). That's what I told my fiancee anyway! Still haven't told her how much the lenses and flash I'm drooling over cost yet!!

    I was pretty snap happy for some time taking a stack of photos, but schedule pressures at work have sapped a lot of my free time and energy so my photo taking has decreased dramatically. However, now that I've moved closer to civilisation, and a good mate has bought himself a D40X, I'm hoping to have more time and incentive to get out shooting again!

    I've focussed mainly on animal/landscape/abstract types of shots (mostly because I found it hard to convince friends & family to pose for photo after photo after photo... I think you get the point). But am keen to learn to take some great portrait shots. I've also been getting into the post processing side with High Dynamic Range.

    My background in photography is pretty minimal. That is, I did some SLR work at high school (approx 11 years ago) and have read a couple of books. One skill I'm really looking into developing soon is mastering lighting, especially off-camera.

    I have a website that I've knocked up as a way to share some of my photos ( Some constructive criticism is more than welcome. As soon as broadband gets connected to my new house (how I hate dial-up) I'll upload some more photos.


    Sorry to bore you with my rambling auto-biography and hope to be able to learn a lot from you all.


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