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Sep 24, 2010
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Parkland FL
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Hello everyone! I am from Florida and i am addicted to Photorgaphy and underwater photography it seems that i just can't get enough pictures of life :D I love to do Urban Exploration and hanging with people, I am not the best speller but other then that i am who i am!.... Anyways i have 2 questions for everyone.

I am doing a Photo shoot on a 2009 Ford Mustang Coup (Blue) and a 2008 Infiniti M35 (Black) and i wanted to know is there anything i can do to make a amazing picture? I am taking the pictures on this abandoned 2 lane road in parkland this weekend but i want to make the pictures look amazing.

The second question is i am new to using my camera just got it well 2 days ago and i got the FujiFilm FinePix S2700 and i wanted to know is this a good camera i picked i got it cause well its really cheap and people say its the best cheap camera :D

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