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    Dear friend,
    We are Xiamen Shencai Oil Painting Co. Ltd, the manufacture and exporter of OIL PAINTING REPRODUCTION in different style and sizes. [FONT=&#23435]
    If you there have the market please contact us. With our 10 years experience in this field and our over 50 skilled artists we will sure giving you the best quality and the most reasonable price.[FONT=&#23435][/FONT]
    1.We accept small order.[FONT=&#23435][/FONT]
    2.payment refund is Guarranteed if you are not satisfied with the products.[FONT=&#23435][/FONT]
    3.We can provide top quality reproduction of famous artists, and also paint with the photos customers provide.(photos of wedding, family, friends, or the pets)[FONT=&#23435][/FONT]
    If you are interested our products kindly contact us. we are willing to provide the price and also show the painting quality in our company.[FONT=&#23435][/FONT]

    If there are any other questions please feel free to ask.[FONT=&#23435][/FONT]​
    Looking forward for you reply![FONT=&#23435][/FONT]​
    And hope we have the honor to build good cooperation with you.[FONT=&#23435][/FONT]​

    All my best
    Sincerely David


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