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Feb 24, 2005
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Few shots from last weekend at Pocono Raceway.


This was the race winner on Long Pond straight-a-way, speeds +200mph.

Tire pressure check on a cold Saturday morning.

Drivers Helmet and Neck support system sitting atop car roof.

This car didn't look so good at end of weekend. Lost a wheel and hit the wall hard. Driver ok.
i like the first one a lot...nice panning...just would like to see more room around the car...I think it is cropped too tight.
also like how you stacked em in the second. :)
I love the first and fourth one, the movement looks stunning.
Nice shots. What camera setup did you have and did you have special pit road access? Being a NASCAR fan I can tell that 2 and 3 were taken from on pit road and 1 was taken from the infield.
I like the first one alot. Looks almost like me driving on the autobahn:meh:
Thanks for all replies.

Whardman, At Pocono during practice you can purchase Pit access.
I always head to the the last pit near the entrance to pit road.
It gives me a good view of cars coming off turn 3 and down straight-a-way or
into the pits. Was using a 100-400mm lens but only at about 150-160mm.
This filled the frame as cars past. Shutter priority of 1/160 a second when panning.

Jon K., I understand what you are saying about #1 but I wanted the car as
large as possible to show detail. On #4, I cropped the car in half to show
even more detail.


How about one more for the road.
I'm hoping to get out to Pocono sometime...I've been to Watkins Glen twice and Michigan once (all in the space of two years around 2000-2001...didn't know that it'd be my only times seeing Earnhardt live), but as my interest has somewhat waned, yet still stayed, I still wouldn't mind going down some time.

The shot of Junior's car is my fav, nicely done

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