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speed light help


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Oct 14, 2015
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I have a Nikon D3200 and I bought a Aperlite YH-700n speed light so now I would like to trigger the speed light off camera can someone recommend an inexpensive trigger setup for that?
How inexpensive is inexpensive to you? The low end is a cable, providing the flash is close enough to your camera so the cable will reach.

Also "slave mode" which doesn't actually cost anything, because you already have a built-in flash that will fire the speedlight if it can do "slave mode".

Next up the ladder is radio-frequency (RF) transmitter/receivers, or a pair of transceivers. If you look up "yonguno" you can find a dealer, or just check the online outlets to find the price.

Farther up the cost ladder you will find PocketWizard, which makes several styles.
OK without sounding like a total newbee can you tell me with this camera how to use "slave Mode" and I am willing to spend somewhere around $50.00 or so for a setup and thanks for the response.

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