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Dec 15, 2015
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Being new to photography i've been reading and looking for speedlights to make a set.
I've got a Nikon D750 and after reading a lot of stuff i got some kind confused.
In the full TTL range speedlights i've read about:

Godox TT685N
Godox V860N
Some Yongnuo's Speedlights
Some Intermit Speedlights
Some Adorama Speedlights

My question are:
Which is the better option to get (with full capabilities)?
From those brands which are the directly comparable to those of Godox?
Are he two Godox comparable?

Thank you in advance. I apologize for the rookie questions.
I take it you're not considering the Nikon SB-910.

That is my recommendation.
For the present time i need to buy two speedlights which would cost me a fortune going on nikon SB-910. That's why i'm considering some other brands.
Neewer 750 maybe. Have you looked into that? You don't state your country in your profile; different Made in China flashes are sold under different brands in different regions of the world. Neewer and Mettle and other manufacturers' products can be called one thing in Europe, another in the USA, and yet another when imported and sold through a single retailer, like Adorama for example, which tends to put its Flashpoint house brand on stuff that can be found being sold under a different name in say, Brazil.

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