Spending Time With A Published Photographer


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Apr 15, 2007
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The Netherlands
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Something cool has happened to me over the past couple of days. I have emailed a photographer in Amsterdam whom has done a lot of magazine portrait work. He's photographed Madeleine Albright and Jack Black (to name a couple that some of the Americans on here would know. He's also photographed many Dutch famous personalities (footballers, MPs, singers, actors, etc.)

I have been invited to his studio to ask questions about how I may further my career as a photographer. I plan to write down a list of questions and hopefully get some contacts, too. It's incredibly exciting for me as I greatly respect this photographer's work.

Here's his website: www.doomernik.com The Dutchies on here may have seen his images. He's captured a really great image of football commentator Johan Derksen.
Thank you, Mike. :)

I will share what I learn to help anybody who feels they need it.

It's a tricky thing living in Europe and trying to break in as I've really not a big clue how to start. I had a meeting with an ad agency when I first arrived but they were really strange people who were not very open to someone new coming around. Yes. Rejection. A big part of being an artist!

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