Spikes *not work safe*


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Jun 21, 2005
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Olymus digital, indoor, no flash, desk lamp...

I wanna know some stuff about the composition, sorry, im in a hurry, so I got straight to the point

The arm in the back seems to be taking away, rather than adding to the image. Also, the hot spot on the buckle in the front is taking away from the spikes. Maybe if the buckle were in sharper focus...but they way it is...I find it hard to see the spikes as a strong enough focal point.
LOL you guys.........I look and see orange hills, and you guys see cleavage, and an arm. Sorry DD, I honestly didn't know what it was.
I guess I'm gonna have to put on my "man" hat next time. :lol:
I look and see orange hills, and you guys see cleavage, and an arm. Sorry DD[/quote]

for a minute i though you were guessing something. i think drama or dork would be better than DD :mrgreen:
ahahaha..looks clevage..

and oh..

have you seen the picture of a dessert during sunset it shows in your masterpiece..

what if it was shot horizontal and the spikes crossed the pic at 3rds or something... i find the arm distracting maybe if it was shot alittle higher and down on the cleav... just some thoughts
Right here's my take on the shot:

You were going for a juxtaposition of two very different things: the softness and, for want of a better expression, loveliness of the curvature of a nice bosom. This is to be counterpointed by the spikeyness of the bondage belt - soft rounded flesh, vs bright shiny spiky nastiness. Am I close?

If that's the look you were going for, then it's got to be a clean shot. You need something brighter and more focussed than a desk lamp really, maybe a 100W reflector bulb in a lamp would work. You also need to get rid of distractions like the sheet? and the arm.

I really like the shots you post as I can see what you're going for (I hope!?!) and they're really strong ideas. However, a little bit of work on the lighting and a bit tighter composition and you'll be right there.


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