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Jun 14, 2006
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These are some photos I took tonight with my P880. I just set a cup upside down in the sink and started the sink dripping. It took me around 25 tries to get these three pics. They are raw images, I haven't cropped them or anything yet.
Please note this is more of a learning project then anything else, but I would still like some C&C.


:thumbup: nice ,,try some with the drip going into the glass full of water thats even better and add some bright colour like blue card or a light source ,,,or even better do it all outdoors,,,,they are great
Like I said, this is just a test, but I'm really interested in this kind of thing. I'm hoping to take pictures of water balloons being popped- a milisecond afterwards, there's still a ball of water w/out any rubber on it!
cool cant wait to see the results...me thinks someone is going to get wet to make it happen though :lol:
That would be very interesting to see! I didn't know there would be a ball of water for a split second. If you can get it to work for you, I'd be eager to see the shots. I like water shots like this. The second one just catches my eye and looks so refreshing, because the water almost seems to be pouring out from the upside down glass.

For a P&S camera those are just stunning! Just think what you could do with a SLR :thumbup:
mmmm, thats great...
I`m a total looser at this....one day I will make something like that _)
Try a few night ones tossing a glow stick up in the air and look at the results ,,there funny as hell ,,,,

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