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Jan 20, 2012
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Good Evening,
Who out the shoots any youth wrestling tourneys, What are your settings and what are you shooting with.
I have the 7d, Just looking if there is anyway to get more light in. I have the canon 50 1/8 fixed lens. What should I set my camera on.
Thanks for any imput.
I shoot highschool wrestling now and then. For the two schools I shoot at they use the big light over the center mat for lighting with the rest of the gym lights off. I shoot with one 580 EXII flash on camera, usually set to -2 (as a fill only) and as a master to fire a second flash off camera (second flash to only match the overhead light or a tad under). This combo works pretty good most of the time unless I get out of line with the off camera flash. Now your exposures will probably be different since the lighting won't be the same I have. I'm shooting from near the edge of the mat with a 70-200.

ISO 800 1/320 @ f3.2 hss



ISO 800 1/300 @ f2.8

I am shooting wrestling pretty much full time right now. Quite often with the 7D.
I can't tell you what your settings will be-that is done by metering the light in the gym you are in.
Depending on the gym I am shooting at anywhere from 2500 ISO to 12800 ISO. f/4 almost always (no lens is sharpest wide open, you are best two stops down from the widest aperture) and a shutter speed of about 1/400.


Without the overhead light, same set up with the pair of 580EX II but higher ISO to catch more ambient light. Depends on their position on how shadows fall from the OCF.

Set your camera to manual exposure, make changes as needed to get the light you want. If shutter speeds are not fast enough to stop the action, then increase your ISO. If that won't do it, then you may have to resort to extra lighting like I do.

ISO 1000 1/300 @ f4

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