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    I am just getting into taking pictures for the sports activities in our town and the surrounding towns. I am trying to get everything geared up to be ready when baseball and football seasons come around. I am now trying to find something I need that I really don't know what to call it except for sports photos frames or matts. The photographer that used to take the photos, who moved away (so I can't ask him), used to present the pictures in these little decorative card stock like frames that had an opening for a small picture of the individual child and a larger opening for the group shot. It would have a logo of what sport it was for like baseball, football, basketball, etc. It could either be mounted in a frame or could be used as is since it had an easel-back stand on the back. They were simple yet attractive "frames" and were very popular with the parents around our area. I need to find where I can get these mats or frames. I searched on the internet for 3 hours and found nothing. So I plead with any of you, if you know what I am talking about, please post back with what they are actually called and where I can possibly find them. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.:confused:

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    Not where I thought I'd end up

    Check this place:

    They have what you're looking plus tons of other sports photography stuff...
    There is even a franchise opportunity!

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