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Dec 19, 2005
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[FONT=verdana,Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=-1] I have been taking sports pictures for my brothers little league team this year while the kids are in the field(action pictures). I will be letting the parents know at the next game that I have pictures for sale, and I wanted to know what I should ask for an 4X6 and 8X10![/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=verdana,Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=-1]
Eli [/SIZE][/FONT]
It really depends on how much it costs you (in terms of film and paper prices). Take that price and tack on a fee for actually taking the photo. If you develop yourself and it costs you maybe $5.00 for an 8x10, charge $10 or $15. If you shoot digital, and it costs you a dollar, charge $10 for an 8x10.

I could be wrong. I'm tipsy.
Yes i shoot in digital so $10... thanks for the fast reply:)
Some people make prints ahead of time, and set up a little table and try to sell them. Others I have seen makes mid sized thumb nail of all the sheets (contact sheet), big enough pics that the parents can see them. And then have a price list for the different sizes the parents can order. The contact sheet is the cheaper method.
At organized bike rides and runs around here, they often have a photographer concession, I guess, and they make 5x7 prints of all their shots, and then have them up at the finish, so you can find yourself and if you like the shot, buy it on the spot. I assume that makes for more impulse buys, but it strikes me as a fairly big waste of printing.
If you're just doing photos for the one team, I'd recommend the contact sheet method. Or ask the coach; he might have a better feel for the parents on his team.
is there a program that lets you make contact sheets?
Eli said:
is there a program that lets you make contact sheets?
I know Photoshop CS does.
I have paint shop pro 8 not sure if that will work or not i will have to look into it! thanks for the reply though;)
Do a search in your help file for collages. The newer version has it. Not sure if yours does.
i dont have it :( any free(or cheap) programs that have it?
Eli said:
i dont have it :( any free(or cheap) programs that have it?

Try Kodaks, easyshare software from their site. It has some collage features, not sure how many. But its free! If you don't like it just delete the program and try again. :)
thanks Ben but i cant find the collage features on the program! if you have it can you tell me where?

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