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Apr 19, 2003
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Pasco, WA
Okay, I was messing with macro mode and it was too dark to focus so I grabbed the Mini Maglite and this is what happened:


This is original except for a little cropping. No other post processing. Taken at around 2" distance at f3.4, 1/125 sec and zoom around 15mm (80mm equiv in 35mm).

jim, how awesome was that idea!! she's a beauty!

great work!

Ok, that's it! I'm banning photobug from the forum!

I'm tired of looking at consistently great shots and this one has now put me over the edge [/end sarcasm]

Absolutely great shot!!!!!!!!

Thanks guys! :D

If you only knew just how accidental these really are you'd be crying from laughing so hard! :lol:

accidental or not...that was a stroke of genius with the mag lite! What type of lens do you use for shooting that close?


p.s. the reason i ask is because id like to shoot bugs if i could :lol:

It's the zoom that comes with the Coolpix 4500. Let's see, the manual sez it's a 4x 7.85-32mm f2.6-5.1 (at wide angle) lens that equals a 38-155 35mm format lens.

Any 35mm macro lens will do the same, though the zoom saves moving the tripod around so much.

You could also use either extension tubes or a lens reversal ring (turns lens backwards for macro work) and make use of your existing lenses. Or you could use a bellows assembly, but that gets sorta unwieldy outdoors.

I was just telling a friend today I need to make a road trip to where the bugs live. :)

I honestly didnt know you could do any of that stuff you just said!!! We will have to talk here pretty soon...

Here's a couple of links that'll get you started:

While some of the info is proprietary to a particular camera system, most ofit is universal. I'd go with the 2-lens set up if it were me. Especially since the camera mount doesn't matter on the front lens. Pick up a cheap wide angle and the adapter ring and viola! instant macro.

Have fun & let us know how it works out.

That shot looks wonderful. I have the itch to get into macro photography and am hoping that I get that 100mm macro I asked for on my birthday. It would be the less expensive of the lenses with the "life size" attachment for 1:1. Of course I have a million things I want.
Thanks guys. There's a couple more here at the bottom of the pile.

voodoocat- when your "wishlist" gets smaller than your "have 'em" list it's time to pack it in and call teh Grim Reaper. Mine runs to around 12 printed pages right now, and that's just the stuff that I really want! :D

you have an unbelievable collection! they are all beautiful pictures. Mucho talent mi amigo.

I doubt my wishlist will ever be shorter than the list of equipment I own. I keep daydreaming of the equipment I would buy if I won the lotto. I think a Hassy system with every single lens possible would be the first thing I buy with my new wealth. :thumbsup:

Well I got to check one item off this last weekend. I inherited a Rolleiflex TLR from my father. It needs a ground glass and good lens cleaning. I can't wait to start shooting with it.

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