St. Donat - Croatian heritage - Zadar

Looks like the evil people are not letting all your fans view your material. Too many views. :cry: Oh well. I will try again in a day or so.
Alright! Awesome photo. Seems like maybe the foreground is a tad underexposed because of the sky. But doesnt really detract from the incredible building. :bounce: more more more
If its possible i would shoot it again, morning or sunset and try it with a polarizer during midday . Your sky is washed out, and the building is a little dark with uneeded foreground. It could be a really cool shot.

Is it European?
Great shot but gotta agree that it would be better with a darker sky and lighter foreground, now it's your job to figure out how to do it!
BTW, isn't Croatia just North of the USA and slightly South of Canada?

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