St. Paddy's Pint


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May 19, 2005
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Manitoba, Canada
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Yesterday being St. Paddy's Day my sis and I and her boyfriend decided to go for lunch and 'a' pint down the pub near our place....12 hours later I came home with these shots and many more.:confused: :cheers: Might post more later when I recover. :D




Not my sis

Not my sis' boyfriend


Cab ride home

I had some pics of green stuff and beer etc. but they're not as interesting so you get these :mrgreen:
These are fantastic JonK ! They are full of energy and I really dig your style when it comes to tilting. I got a laugh out of the one that said " not my sis" and "not my sis boyfriend" lol !

The last image rocks dude !
Looks like a wild one jon!..... my cab rides home often look like that, cool insight to st.paddys day :lol: :thumbup:
great shots jk... love ya style!
rides back home tend to get like that :biglaugh:
love the title not my sis and sis' bf ... it cracks me up
sweet series :D
thanks for sharing

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