Started a photo club, any tips?

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by itskub, Nov 4, 2005.

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    hey. i go to Penn State-Abington, a relatively small college. about 15 others including myself are just starting up a photography club. We've come up with a few goals and stuff we'd like to do, like reopen the darkroom, galleries,etc. Just wondering if anyone has any helpful additional ideas or advice?

    also, ill be advertising the new club. which got me started on this; would it be a good idea to start promoting our club for actual free lance jobs in the community. would people be intrested in this ?
    landscaping, restaraunts , sports or fitness clubs, selling your house or car, pets, clothing / taylors, business group staff photos, etc.. or is there enough competition already around and this thing won't fly at all, and that we should just stick to on-campus projects?

    and since im new here , geuss im obligated to share some work. i just got into digital over a month ago, and dont have any scanned photos posted, so these are all digital. by the way another member of the club can be found from my page (not sure if hed like my posting his link).

    thanks for any help.

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    Welcome aboard! Think about posting a little intro for yourself in the newbie forum. The club sounds like a great idea. Not sure about the off-campus F/L thing, but its worth a try. A board dedicated to pro-helper jobs might be something to look at. Most clubs try to run a community darkroom, have competitions, photographic field trips, and help with employment. Some clubs are more art driven, some technique driven, and some wander aimlessly and get by just fine. The big thing is avoiding petty squabbles about management and direction. Get that ironed out and things will work out fine.
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    I would see about getting the club up and running first.
    You have to find out if there is enough sustainable interest to make it economically viable for a start. Openeing, re-opening and keeping open a darkroom facility incurs costs - heating, lighting, cleaning, water... College's have accountants who look at these things and tend to tell Management that clubs using facilities have to pay for them in some way. They like to see it as if the club is hiring the facilities.
    Best to check this out first, if you haven't already, to find out where you stand. The Management should be able to give you advice as to cost, minimum viable numbers, and fee level. And remember that if they say there is no charge for using the facilities, they may change their mind at any time - so get it in writing with as little vagueness in it as possible, in particular get a committment as to times and time scales (free for the first year, for example, as opposed to free or free for a while).
    Then when you have got the club up and running and seen the abilities and calibre of the people who join, discuss with them the notion of hiring out your services.

    Unless the club is just an excuse to get facilities to enable you to hire out your services ;)

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