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Mar 27, 2006
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Ok, I admit I have no idea how to set up the camera to take good crisp sports shots. This is my second time to play with a 70-200 VR on my D1x. Here are a couple shots of my oldest at a game. I think I may be getting the hang of this. A few more games and I might actually get it figured out.
Here is running to 2nd.

And 3rd on the same hit.

Too bad these are the best shots from the game. I'm learning though, and the rest are looking better than the last ones I shot.
Not bad pics,
I like the feel to the pics and the look of consatration on both in the second picture.
in both cases though I would crop away the empty spaces to the right. also they could do with abit of sharpening
Hmmm... I like the empty space on the first one, because it leads back to the base and works with the rule of thirds. The second one, however, I would have to agree -- I would probably crop that one a bit
I don't know how much help you need in order to get good sports shots but here are some quick tips.

To stop action you need a fast shutter speed 1/500 and up.

Fill the frame, simple I know but you have a long lens there use it.

Manipulate your depth of field and don't be scared to open your aperture all the way up, when the dof is really shallow the subject will really pop out.

I like the composition in the the first shot but the second is a little static.

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