Starved Rock, Utica IL


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Mar 1, 2005
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Took a couple trips to the local park.











Spent alot of my youth running around those canyons. Beautiful place and you've captured it nicely here. I like 3# the best. Very nice exposures, the only thing I would suggest is using a wider angle lens (if possible) to get some larger views of the canyons.

Welcome to the forum BTW:) It's nice to see some more of Illinois up here.
Beautiful! The third one is by far my favorite. Nice work
I love 2, 3 and 6! Especially 3 - it's quite the photo op. That whole place is a photo op! I love Starved Rock. Where in IL are you from? Near Utica? I'm in a Chicago suburb.
Familiar sites! Starved Rock is a old stomping ground of mine. Thanks for the memories!

As an off-topic remark, if you're interested in its more "modern" history, check out a book called, "The Starved Rock Murders" by Steve Stout. I tells of a small group of women that were killed in one of the canyons in 1960 and of the investigation and trial that followed. If you know the place, and like mysteries like that, it's a good read. You'll probably have to check out used books stores online to find it, though. I saw it once in their gift shop, also.

That looks like such a great place to go and take pictures all day, haha! Nicely done. Good shots too!
Thanks for the kind replys. I'm from Oglesby (five minute drive from starved rock). I did look at the Starved Rock Murders book before, its at IVCC, I never did finish it! Its a real shame they had to build all those wooden walk ways.
Hey! You didn't tell me you posted! :grumpy:

I haven't even gotten a chance to edit mine from Starved Rock yet....and you've already shown me up. :(
Nice shots! Starved Rock is always a good place to shoot. I'm about an hour and a half drive away from the place and I'm there fairly often.

Keep up the good work! Nice captures. :thumbup:

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