Still Life

Kevin D Burns

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May 22, 2006
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I was unsure how to edit and add a post with the image.
used a tri pod. manual focus used to give a 2D look to image.

now I just have to remove the shadows or use a black BG. LOL.
Well you could but im not sure I would. The shot and the shadows blend into a very 1950ish kind of cinema type photography. The shadows on the wall are dramatic.

If for still life you want a black background try a couple of pieces of black matt board. Not to awfully expensive and fairly tough stuff. You might want to get a cheap bottle of cheap craft paint to touch up any nicks you get otherwise it should last you a lifetime.
Thanks for the info, i am making a photo box but was using black foam. The black foam was getting sparkles from the lighting. I will try some black matt board as suggested.
Thanks for the support on my BG as I was sure the shadows would catch fire with people. Thanks.

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