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Stinking onions


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Feb 16, 2006
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Hot on the heels of bluebells in damp English woods come the white flowers I call "stinking onions", an unkind (but descriptive) name for ramsons, otherwise known as "wild garlic". The weather and work have conspired to seriously restrict my photographic activity, and I dashed out and grabbed this shot in a small wood just as the rain started. For more info go to http://photoreflect.blogspot.com

Your "shots grabbed quickly" are so good!
Also yesterday's pic taken indoors was good, even though I never commented ... I meant to ... but you know ...?

We don't have the bluebells here, though I think we might have the "stinking onions" somewhere in some parts, though they cannot be too frequent. I have heard the name before, though (not "stinking onion", but the other one, "wild garlic" ;)). And I would not know where there might be woods with such carpets of flowers around here! This is so pretty!
Thanks Corinna. I make it sound like it never stops raining in England - it does, usually when I'm at work, then starts again come the weekend! Frustrating!

PS Interesting new avatar you've got there!

Regards, Tony

Heh, I remember that smell from my childhood, in the woods looking for old wood for a camp fire - are you in the northwest Tony, only a lot of your pics are taken around there, and thats the only place I remember wild garlic from.

and the bluebells, and the rain...

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