Storing Exposed Kodak Kodakcolor-x (unknown age)


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Nov 23, 2008
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Today I went to my local antique shop (to me, the wierdo old guy with all the cameras :lol:) and he just got in 4 cameras- A six-20 brownie box camera, Polaroid 250 (with box and intruction manual :mrgreen:) a kodak brownie 8mm movie camera and a spanish Kodak Brownie Chiquita (with box in amazing condition and the instructions to a brownie bullet...dont know why it has a different cameras instructions, but whatever)\

(heres the entire story, if you dont feel like reading skip to the paragraph after)

After purchasing everything for 20 bucks, I happily walked out with a big box full of cameras! I was playing with the six-20 box camera, screwing around not thinking anything of anything, I tried opening it, the crank was hard to turn. I though CRAP! I just wasted my money on a rusty old camera. So I kept trying to open it, possibly salvage it, or put some lube on it, It just stoppend being hard, my sisters friend has the same one, and when I got home I compared it (I was just getting home as I started playing with this one) to becky's, the cameras weighed different!!! OMG I did a little happy dance and opened it up and just as my dad suspected, there was "something" in it! I pulled out the roll of film and thought "holy macaroni this is cool!" So I might have lost a picture or two, not realizing there was a rol of film in it..but i have a roll of exposed film.

There was a roll of exposed 620 film in the camera, (the film says so! how handy dandy!) It took 5 or 6 turns of the wheel to get it to free up, (I had no idea it was in there, I thought it was just a rusty peice of crap)

Does anyone know where I can cheaply get it devoloped, ive found the rocky mountain film lab, ( C22 Color Print Film Processing ) but they charge 42.50 to devolop it and ship it back. The roll of film I have, is the first listed (Kodacolor-X) and I have no idea how old the roll is, but since the page says the C-22 Process (the process the roll suggests) is pre '77, im assuming its quite old.

In the meantime, how should I store it? I read on one site to put it in the fridge, but it has the phrase "to avoid condensation on it....and I dont want ANY chance of condensation on my film.
If it was stored in the camera, more or less out in the open, introducing a climate change like refirgerated air, might do more harm than good at this stage. Just keep it in shade/dark and don't let TOO moisture get to it until you decide what to do. Any latent images contained on the film won't comparatively degrade much more than they may already have, if much at all in the first place.
I doubt any special care has been taken to see the camera was stored properly since the film went into the camera, so you are not going to harm it any more, just keep it in a dark, cool, dry area of your home.
Film Rescue International

I'm not sure what you consider inexpensive but film rescue charges 17 dollars to process, scan, do a quick digital fix-up and up load for customer preview and frame selection at 65 cents each. No charge if the film is blank.

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