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Storm Clouds


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Dec 29, 2005
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London, England.
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It cleared up quite nicely about 5 mins after I took this. The speeding vans are from a motorway running down the side of this field. I've exaggerated the grain beacuse I thought it added to it. I'm not sure about this picture, any opinions? I've tried it in B&W but I think it works better in colour (if at all??), if only for the two vans.



Wow that looks like a big storm, must have been moving really fast to clear up in 5 minutes. When you see clouds like that here you can expect rain for the next couple days. Nice shot the speeding vans add to the shot.
I rather like the dash of colour that the speeding vans provide. And I like the dramatic storm clouds, of course. But can you fix the slanted horizon?
Antarctican said:
I rather like the dash of colour that the speeding vans provide. And I like the dramatic storm clouds, of course. But can you fix the slanted horizon?

cool shot,.. I like the grain, adds drama, I would clone out the vans, and straighten the horizon... this shot rocks.
Many thanks for the comments and valued suggestions :)

I left the horizon on the slant on purpose as everything seems to converge to a point to the lower right of the pic and I thought it worked as is. I also left the vans in as I thought they added a nice splash of colours and they seem a little surreal having a slight motion blur and both having the same livery.

But I will take on board your suggestions and try a different edit tonight. Thanks again :)

beautiful and moody :D love the color!
also... i second the horizon straightening bit ^^^
thanks for sharing :D
great shot Mohain, i am getting some imagery in my head from the movie "Twister"... those yellow vans look like stormchasers speeding towards those ominous looking black clouds. color and grain definitely work in this shot! I'm not really bothered by the horizon tilt because the tree still looks mostly vertical, i think it's mostly because of the hilly terrain? either way... great capture! :thumbup:
Great shot! I like the added grain, it gives the image some more tension. I like the tilt on this image and agree with you that it drags the eye to the right, along with the speeding vans. It guides me straight to the focal point, from the (kind of) clear skies on the left to the apparent impending doom on the right. The colors are great. Are we the only two people that think a slightly tilting horizon works on certain landscapes? I see so many people so quick to comment 'straighten the horizon'. I do however, think it only works in certain situations, and I think you captured just the right amount in this one.
yea i dont mind the horizon as it is.... i can see how its effecting the angle of the clouds, so it doesn't bother me too much. I would clone out the vans tho. great shot tho mohain really nicely captured :thumbup:
Thanks for all your varied comments. I still dont know what to do with it :confused: :lol:. I'll have a fiddle :thumbup:

Thanks again :)

What a nice shot..

I saw same subject as showing in the picture but I find it more awesome..

great man..i like it! i like it!
I like this Mohain. I like the grain, clouds and the motion of the two yellow buses. Really cool shot !

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