Stormy sunset at the tracks


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Sep 3, 2005
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Northern California
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Shots taken on my way home from work with my Lumix point and shoot FX8. I don't know if I like them or not, there are just too many trees in my neighborhood. What do you guys think?



Thanks for looking!
The first photo is my fave as well. Fantastic color and “mood”! Have you considered cropping out asphalt roadway?
Wow i rate the first one....i think the tree is silouetted fanastically!
I like the first one a lot, but agree that the asphalt part could be cropped out. Scrolling down it came as a small shock compared to the older looking railroad tracks.
Great shots Randog. I gotta pic the first image as the standout too.
Thank-you everyone for your kind words. I think Depthafield's suggestion to crop out the roadway was right on target, I’m much happier with the shot. Thanks again!

Thank you Jon your comments are always welcome and appreciated.
Good to see you posting again Randog. Awesome color in these. I like #1 and how the rails are broken up in the frame and the low pov, kinda has a sense of motion to it. The crop is to standard for me.
awesome capture in the first man! love the light on the rails :thumbup:

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