Strange Splodges on Sensor D7200


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Jul 6, 2013
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Is anyone having some strange splodges on the sensor of the 7200?

Mine started to appear just 4 months after purchase but it was not an issue a couple of bits that was only noticed in Macro. But as the months moved along it got worse and worse, tried rocket blower and things still stayed in the same place nothing ever changed I even used a low powered magnifying lens and couldn't see any dust what so ever. (I often clean dust of my Planetary CCD sensor with this lens) Last week I needed to make some macro images for a friend and well each image took about 20 minutes to clean these splodges,
I was wondering is anyone else experiencing such issue? maybe any idea what it could be?

I however contacted Nikon they ask for test images and said there does seem to be something on the sensor but we can't tell until it is sent in. I then learnt I can send the camera in for free cleaning, updating and testing with free postage either way! (That's a big deal in Finland as it would have cost be 32 euros to send away) this can be done once a year for 3 years!
It is really amazing when you purchase a camera and not told about these most amazing bits that comes with it. Nothing in the box either.
It probably just needs a proper wet sensor clean, which is quite normal on any dslr. If you clean it or get it cleaned and find it happens very often there may be a technical issue, but every dslr needs this maintenance at some stage
I agree which that, but my 3 year old d5100 still has no where near the issues this got, in fact a little use of rocket blower once in a blue Moon and still no issues on Sensor and never had it cleaned and couldn't fault it.
But will see when it returns if the problem starts to reappear.
That doesn't mean it's a camera problem. Dirt can get on your lens when you change the lens once and there is dust particles in the air.

Clean it, don't worry about it. If it seems to be a pressing issue going fwd use your warranty
That is what I call service! Sent on Wednesday back today.

Replaced the rubber part on view finder cleaning of camera inside and out and sensor cleaning. Updated firmware and done basic running tests all in 100% working order. It looked cleaner now than when it came from the factory!
I am amazed, though I was billed 18 euros for postage because I didn't use UPS but the post office is like next door and UPS office is 32km away.

I really thought I would be weeks without it and I am just so overjoyed by such service.
Back to Nikon? Free of charge if you used UPS?
I don't see any pictures of the offending splodges...

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