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Straps? BlackRapid Metro vs. Cross Shot?


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Jan 4, 2016
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Hi everyone. I went to the camera store to pick up a new strap for my Canon T5i. I wanted a longer length strap because I hate how the kit strap just hangs off your neck and you can't get your arm up through it.

I wanted to get the BlackRapid Cross Shot in black. The camera store only had it in orange. The guy recommended the BlackRapid Metro instead. It was the same price.

I haven't opened it yet, but I looked at some information about the strap and it looks like it's designed for smaller cameras. So should I return the Metro and get them to order in the black cross shot? Or should I stick with the Metro? Or should I get a completely different strap?
I actually bought the cross shot and ended up sending it back because it was grabbing on my clothing, it got really annoying. It was also digging in on my collar bone. But, it was a very well made strap.

The Metro is designed for smaller weight cameras yes, but its still just as strong as any other BlackRapid strap. I'm considering getting one just because its light, easier to put in my bag and the way its designed seems like it will be more comfortable for me..even though I have a full frame camera. Plenty of people are using it with their 5D MK3 and 70-200 lenses without any problems.

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