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    I was born and raised on Long Island where I resided until my early twenties. I grew up in a two parent household with one sibling. I spent most of my days drawing and sketching which became an outlet for me to express my feelings, thoughts and desires, artistically rather than verbally. Following High School, I attended Hofstra University where I majored in Graphic Designing and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree. The love and passion that I soon developed for a variety of mediums became the basis for my designs. Upon entering the work field after graduation, I had the opportunity to design for the following firms: Cline, Davis and Mann, Direggio Advertising, BJ’ s Wholesale Club and in 1992 I started freelancing and continue to work as a freelance artist under the name of Major N Designs. However, in 1995, I suffered from a stroke which paralyzed the right side of my body and has ultimately affected my expressive and receptive language skills. Since my injury I have had extensive rehabilitation in order to relearn all of my developmental milestones (walking, talking).
    Despite my disability I continue to design and live my life prior to my injury. I am very devoted to my work and am always improving upon it. Through hard work and dedicated I have recently exhibited my designs at Venezuelan Consult Gallery ( Feb. 2005) and Lincoln Center, Cork Gallery (2004). In addition, I completed residency at the Robert M. Macnamara Foundation in Maine for artists.

    Presently I specialize in street photography here in New York City. The ambiance of the city combined with nature excites me. I never run out of different perspectives in this beautiful town. You can take a look at my work at Christine Nelson Photography where my latest commissions can be found.

    Thanks for reading this! I hope to be chatting with you all soon!


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