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Jul 10, 2014
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In this photo the person looks short and dumpy is there a method in in PS/LR to stretch the image. It can be done in something like quicktime or other viewers but I don't know would that avenue just mash up the thing. the quality is bad cause the camera was in jpeg mode so you don't need to point that out.

Yeah, it can be done pretty easily in Photoshop.

The whole thing can be stretched in any direction you like until you get the desired effect.

Or, if you just want the background to stay the same, you can mask her out of the background, copy her to a new layer, then transform her alone, either stretching or using the Liquify Tool for more precise manipulation of particular areas in particular ways, while "freezing" any parts you don't want to be affected. I suppose you could even try the Warp Tool, but it might get kinda wonky.

After she's how you want her, you may need to go back to the background layer, and repair any areas that she warped "out" of, leaving a gap. That's a job for clone, heal and brush tools, generally.
Like this? I used a similar technique to what Buskster suggested....the thing that helps is the fact that there is nothing / no patterns in the b/g..which means warping and liquifying is easier


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