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Feb 25, 2007
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Pickering, UK
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Hey all,

These are a few shots from a recent session with a friend of mine. Comments and critique are welcomed as i still have a lot to learn about lighting and posing etc :blushing:





Thank you all in advance.
I like all of them except #3. The pose with his hands in his pockets like that looks a little wierd to me. Other than that, they are all great. Very nice job!
Thank you noescape and deadeye.

Noescape, i think i did go a little over the top with the editing on #2, and on reflection i do like the un-edited (less edited) version.

Deadeye, i will steer clear of that pose in future ! Thanks for your kind words also :)
Watch those highlights on the left side of his face. I say that because this isn't high-key per se. It's just a tad overexposed. Is this a single light at subject-right? I would have opted for a rectangle or strip at subject-right, but about a half stop darker, and then a separate hair-light at subject-above-right.
Thank you Max. Unfortunately i am limited by lack of equipment. You are correct, it is one light at subject-right (firing through an umbrella).

Currently the only modifiers i have access to are 2 translucent umbrellas (small/medium size).

The originals (straight out of camera) are not 'overexposed' in these areas (asin blown out to the point of losing data), so i'm sure with a bit more PP i could improve the exposure flaws.

The hair light is a very good idea. While i'm limited by equipment i might try a fill card subject-left and move that strobe to add a bit of kick to the hair ? I havn't had enough experience to visualise what that would look like, or even if it would work, so i'll have to give it a try !

Thanks :)

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