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Suggestions about art.


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Aug 15, 2005
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Calgary Alberta
As you may or may not know, I am soon going to be moving into my first place. What I am most exited about it the art that i am going to put on my walls. The only problem is I only know of a handfull of artists.

So what i am getting at here is this, who is your favourite artist? I'm talking painter, photographer, anything at all. I like art of all kinds and I am very interested to know about more artists.

Oh, and does anybody know anyplace to buy good quality, yet not over priced prints?
good quality, yet not over proced prints?

I think you mean overpriced?

I find that good quality means you are going to pay a price you might think is to high.

As far as where to buy good photographic prints I would check here first. I see some good quality stuff being posted everyday and I'm sure someone would be willing to sell it. You can always shoot your own shots also and use them. Maybe art schools for paintings?

Hm, great idea. I would really like to get some prints from people on the forum, i suppose i will have to keep my eye open and see. From what i have seen i am going to have to pay alot for good prints, but i guess it will be worth it.

And that art school idea is great, i will check it out for sure.
I'm not sure how the school system works up north but you may want to check out some of the jr. high, or high schools. There are some young people in art classes there also and some have great talent. It would thrill them to no end to think someone would want to buy a print from them.
Look for local sales or fairs or flea markets. Doesn't have to be from a known artist...as long as it looks good.

Around here, there are a few big print/poster sales every year. My wife like to go and buy lots of stuff. Most of the art in our house is prints or posters of trees...all from those sales. We did have a Salvador Dali print of for a while too.

A friend of mine bought a huge Mohamed Ali photo print at one of those sales too.

You never know what you will find at a flea market...you might end up on the Antique's roadshow with a priceless masterpiece.
Did someone mention artists? :mrgreen:

Favourite artists:

JMW Turner [both watercolour and oils]
Van Gogh

of course i would be more than happy to paint you a couple of original masterpieces. Something along the lines of this perhaps?
JonMikal said:
get Hertz to sell you some from his sofa series!

If i only knew what the "sofa series" was :(

Big Mike: the flea market is a really good idea, i never thought of it before, but now thinking back i can remember seeing some really cool stuff there, great idea.

Darfion: Great suggestions. I have never even heard of JMW Turner, or Constable. And also i really like you water colors, so you have any more scanned in?
liveinsurrealism said:
Salvador Dali!!! He art is weird differint from the ordinary portrait or landscape.

I used to like Hieronymus Bosch, Rene Magritte, Max Ernst and so on. Surrealism was a way of life for me back some years. I still enjoy it to an extent though.

Dali is nothing short of miraculous and I like his works.

But as I gained in years I switched to black and white photography and loved Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock, Andre Kertesz and many others. There is something about B/W photography... ;)
We have prints of our own stuff framed and ready to hang. It wasn't as easy to pick out what to enlarge as you'd think with 2 photographers in the house. ;) I've also bought prints from members here to frame and hang. (Watch out for Terri's bromoils - they're addictive, JM's unique perspective and DigitalMatt's IR - just to mention a few) Just send PMs when you see stuff that you like. You never know, you might just make someones day. :goodvibe:

Now if I could just get up enough energy to actually hang them, we'd be in business. :lol:
Thanks all! your suggestions rock. So far i have decided on getting a Salvador Dali, Ansel Adams, and i fully intend on contancting some TPFers. Keep em coming!

Edit: and a Rene Magritte
To start on the cheap, Buy some good quality art and photo magazines. Cut out what you like. Matt and frame them. Makes for some nice cheap art work.
bantor said:
so you have any more scanned in?
Just this minute finished this one. Hope you like.


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